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hi, welcome! and thanks for taking the time to browse my work.
hopefully by the looks & navigation of my website you can get a little feel of who i am.

for those who may want to know a little more.. 
     well, for starters my name is justy bolin. 
i'm a 33 year old mother married to my high school sweetheart with one amazing-hilarious-smart-loving nine year old son, mac.
my passions in life have always been focused around family, music & art. 
i'd say those three things really define me best. 
about eleven years ago i started an online vintage boutique selling my collection of band tees.
(that's what really kicked the photography into gear.)
i was shooting every week, updating and making all my friends model for me whenever i could. the consistency of trying to come up with a new concept or a new way to market my "brand" was a rush, and i genuinely fell in love with that. 
little did i know i was developing a whole new skill and passion for something that fell into my life
-and it just felt so natural.
over time i started working with other brands and grew my business/passion into what you see today.
i'm self taught and continue to push myself daily on defining my craft. it's been a little over seven years shooting professionally and i truly couldn't picture my career path any different!
     to say i am enjoying the ride is an absolute                     understatement.
thank you SO much for all for your continued support!
     -and to the new ones, 
     i'll be looking forward to working together in the near future!
thanks again for stopping by!

justy xox


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